La coque Samsung Galaxy S4 en plastique n’est pas réputée pour offrir une grande protection à votre appareil. Le fameux Samsung Galaxy S4 ne propose ainsi qu’une coque en plastique. Ce matériau ne saurait offrir la protection optimisée indispensable pour la préservation de ce téléphone. Une chute ou une rayure sont ainsi suffisantes pour réduire le plaisir que vous aurez à naviguer sur ce modèle haut de gamme. Gagner en durabilité avec la coque Samsung Galaxy S4 La coque est un élément essentiel pour prolonger la vie de votre appareil. Elle permettra de conserver l’attrait de votre téléphone… Read Article →

The Nintendo DS is the most popular portable gaming device on the market. As a result, there is no shortage of people reporting problems with either the software or hardware for the DS. Thankfully, with so many people using the device, there is a lot of support out there if something goes wrong.   With many people using R4 cards in the DS Slot, a major problem that comes up is that the Nintendo DS stops reading the R4 card. This manages to happen on all models of the DS, and can be very frustrating…. Read Article →

The list of Nintendo DS consoles comprised of the first DS model, the DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL models.  When the original Nintendo DS consoles were discontinued the successor Nintendo 3DS series took over. There have been many redesigned and upgraded Nintendo DS consoles thereon, including the Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL models. Here is a comparison of the three Nintendo 3DS consoles. Before we take a look at the differences among the three Nintendo DS consoles, let us consider the similarities first. The Nintendo 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL models,… Read Article →

The Nintendo DS has been out for about seven years now and its successor, the Nintendo 3DS has proven very successful. However, with the backwards compatibility of the 3DS (and now the 2DS as well), many people may be considering looking back to the ever cheaper DS games rather than buy the new 3DS titles. For this reason, as much as simply to inform used buyers of the DS, this article aims to take a look at a few of the better DS games. 1) Advance Wars: Dual Strike: If DS games are a throwback,… Read Article →

After the great success of the Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo decided to release another new portable game console to its arsenal, the Nintendo DS.  They have started a new book altogether as the DS no longer carries the GameBoy name. It has yet to start a legacy of its own and compete with its predecessor. A first glance at the DS and we can see that it is slightly bigger and longer as compared with the SP. Portability will have to be in the form of bags as this portable game console would not fit… Read Article →

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