So nice to meet you!
Hi, I’m Stephanie. I am a christian, wife, mom to two dogs and avid crafter living in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. I am passionate about so many different kinds of crafts sometimes my crafty to-do list is a bit insane!

My crafty roots began with my Grandmother who taught me embroidery and cross-stitch. I picked up a love of cooking and painting pottery from my Mom. Then, my Mother-in-law bought me a sewing machine and I got hooked on sewing and quilting. She is also an avid gardener, and while I did fall in love with plants my green thumb isn’t always as bright as I’d like it to be. A friend of mine introduced me to creative photography and scrapbooking. And, most recently my Aunt taught me to knit! Oh, and did I mention I also like to write?

I started Honor Crowned Crafts as a way to both channel some of my creative passion and pass it on. I truly just love the creative process and I love to send my bits of creation out into the world to be enjoyed. I put a lot of love into everything I make and it is pretty exciting to connect with people from all over the world through these little somethings. I also love to buy handmade & to shop local small businesses.

I blog a couple times a week, no set schedule here, just when I have something to say or show. I blog about anything & everything that’s on my mind. Lots of crafty stuff, but also cooking, travel, giving back, health, house stuff…whatever is going on. I hope you’ll find at least some of it interesting. I love to get comments so feel free to talk right back!

I hope you enjoy your time clicking through my site, and just maybe you will find a little something here to connect to – be it a craft project, a recipe, a story from my days, or one of my items.