Using Pins – Painting Hardware

I thought I would start a little series here on the blog…
Nothing too precise, no timeline, just a little something to get me motivated. The only rules? That I have to use a Pinterest pin as inspiration. Because I can spend all day on Pinterest collecting ideas & thinking over projects & nevery really getting to the actual doing of all those projects, never using any of the ideas. And, I need to use them. Inspiration is wonderful but the act of putting it to work for you is the real glory.

So, here we go…

My first used pin! Drum roll please.

Into this:

We just could not fathom spending hundreds of dollars on new hardware for all the doors in our house. We managed to change our front door – the door itself went from solid and brown with brass hardware to a reddish wood with a glass mosaic design and brushed nickel hardware – a few years ago. But getting to all the other doors has been a long study in waiting.

I’ve also wanted to paint all of our interior doors white for a while now. Dark brown doors in a small house make everything feel that much smaller and darker. I had a feeling white doors would make our hallway bright, light and open. I was so right! I haven’t even finished all the doors in the hall yet & already I am amazed and in love with the change! Not to mention the nickel finish on the hardware is perfect and saved us major moolah! Woot!

We have 10 interior doors in our house, by the way. This will be a long process. I managed to get 3 of them done this weekend. And, I use the word done loosely. Here is what I did:

I began by having my hubs remove the doors, carry them to our garage and remove all the hardware. I then had him load the electric sander with a 220 grit sandpaper. I stretched 1 door on sawhorses, leaned the other two against cabinets, & set up a card table covered with newspaper and cardboard to hold all the hardware. Then, I sanded the first side of all the doors, and sanded all the surfaces of the hardware. I wasn’t trying to remove all the finish or paint, but to remove all the shine and to well scuff the hardware. After all the sanding I wiped everything down with a vinegar & water solution to remove all the dust and any residue. When everything was dry I started painting.

For the doors I used Olympic Paint & Primer in One from Lowe’s. I used the True White Base in Satin. I rolled on 3 coats, allowing about an hour in between. For the hardware I used Rustoleum Universal Metallic Spray Paint in Satin Nickel, also from Lowe’s. I used 2 coats allowing a half-hour in between. After the last coat of paint on the first side I let everything dry about 3 hours before I flipped it all over and began with sanding the backside of the doors.

After all the painting I let the whole mess dry overnight. Then, the hubs reaffixed all the hardware and rehung the doors. Now, I say that the doors are loosely done because as I’ve looked at them today in the light of morning I think I will choose a semi-gloss white and go over the doors one more time. The satin finish is just a bit too flat. I also will repaint all the trim in the same white – since the aged white now looks yellowed next to the fresh crisp new white. So they are done for the moment – as I work my way through the other 7 doors in our house. Overall the project will have a second faze, it’s a bit of a long term one in that respect, in a few months I am sure I will be very very happy with the end result. And, during the second painting faze I’ll probably use this handy aluminum foil tip – Pin! – to help me.

What was that? Two Pins for this project getting put to use? Awesome.
Are you a Pinterest user? Have you used any of your pins lately or are you still collecting? I have a bunch of kitchen remodel pins collected that I’d like to start after all these pesky doors are done. But. One major home improvement project at a time. Or so my hubs tells me. 🙂

Using Pins – Earbud Zippy

I actually used this pin one other time & hated the results, so I didn’t count it till I used the idea again & decided it was great inspiration. It’s a Zippy Earbud Pouch. Here are my first hideous results…

What I did wrong was 1. improvised instead of reading directions, and 2. rushed and didn’t think it through. So, I used it a bit, it started falling apart, and I set it on my cutting table to remind myself to go back and try it again. And, I did. But with my own twist.

The HST BOM has got me thinking up things to put Half-Square Triangles on, so I decided I wanted a little HST pouch for my earbuds instead. I made some little 2.5 inch squares from scraps and turned them into 2 inch HSTs that I played around with to find a pattern I liked…a pinwheel?

Now that is an earbud pouch I can admire!
It also is not that much bigger than the little circle – only about 3/4 on an inch taller & wider. I used a little extra piece of zipper to make the loop which I kindof like & will do again in other projects. Yay!

OH! I also am using this pin to fancy up my plain black earbund to go in this little pouch. I used to do this wrap and knot technique for friendship bracelets in junior highschool so I just dumped out a bunch of embroider floss I thought I might like to use up and got to work. This one will take a little bit to wrap all the wire but it’s an easy something to do in front of the TV. I also didn’t get fussy with colors choices, but you could totally color coordinate your earbuds with their zippy or phone or purse. That’s another idea getting used – is anyone keeping track of this?!

I love all these easy Pinterest ideas that are crafty and cute!
On that note I’d like to let you know I’ll be MIA next week but will see you back here just before February is upon us!
Happy Pinterest-ing!

My Creative Space: The Third

The third Knit For Kids Sweater is almost half-way done! It takes me quite a while to get these worked up just because about half-way I lose my enthusiasm with that darn stockinette stitching. I’m combatting that this time by working on it at my craft group twice a month. It stays in my car and only comes out for those occasions. Which doesn’t help with speed, but keeps me from tucking it in a drawer and forgetting it. If it’s all I’ve got with me to work on for four hours than it will get worked on. Or that’s the idea anyway. 🙂

The first Knit For Kids sweater was blue, the second was pink, after this green one I think it’ll be time to ship them off to find their way to their new homes. And guess what happens after that?! Yep! I get to pick a new charity to create projects for! Whoo hoo! So far all the projects I’ve done have been knitting. These sweaters and some scarves for Handmade Especially For You. Maybe this next project will be a sewing one…hmmm. Any recommendations for me?

Be sure to hop over and see what’s happening in so many other creative spaces!