Microsoft Xbox was Nearly Cut Before It was Produced

The Xbox game consoles have become a household name. A lot of people have bought Xbox game consoles since its release and even to this day, a lot of people are also buying the new Xbox One.

In the coming months, a slimmer version of the Xbox One, in the form of the “Xbox One S”, will be released and next year, the next-generation Xbox game console will be released called “Xbox Scorpio”.

This just shows you the evolution of the Xbox line of game consoles but did you know that the Xbox has an unusual history?

Xbox is created and manufactured by Microsoft, a leading operating system company. Its CEO, Bill Gates, nearly didn’t give the green light to push the production of the Xbox game consoles, and here’s why:

Bill Gates wanted to venture into the game console niche but he wants the game console to have the Windows operating system as its core.

So, there were two teams that were assigned to create the game consoles. One team is using an entirely new operating system for the console and one is doing the game console with Windows as its operating system.

Ed Fries, the co-creator of the original Xbox game console said that he discussed his idea of putting an entirely new operating system in the new game console. Later, he said that Bill Gates nearly disapproved the idea because of the fact that it was not using a Windows operating system.

In fact, he was so furious as to why Fries’ team ditched the original idea of incorporating the Windows operating system inside the Xbox game consoles.

It was because the Xbox game console concept had a lot of major revisions and at that time, the Windows operating system was still not tailor-made for gaming (at least one that can rival the Sony Playstation).

After shouting at Fries’ production team, one employee finally stood up and said that “if we’re not going to go on with this, Microsoft can lose a fair share of the market as Sony will be the king of the hill when it comes to game consoles”.

After the employee has said that, Bill Gates’ temperament immediately shifted into something more positive.

Bill Gates was then calm and collected and he said to Fries’ team to continue on with the development and the production of the Xbox game console.

And that is how the Xbox line of game consoles was born. But Fries never forgot about Gates’ wish of incorporating the Windows operating system with the Xbox game console.

Later this year and in the near future, Microsoft and Xbox will be fully integrated thanks to the Xbox Play Anywhere system.

The idea is that you can play Xbox games on Windows PCs and you can also play PC games on the Xbox.

In the end, Xbox goes toe-to-toe with Sony’s Playstation in the game console market. The Xbox line of game consoles turned out to be a massive success despite its rocky start.