My Creative Space: The Third

The third Knit For Kids Sweater is almost half-way done! It takes me quite a while to get these worked up just because about half-way I lose my enthusiasm with that darn stockinette stitching. I’m combatting that this time by working on it at my craft group twice a month. It stays in my car and only comes out for those occasions. Which doesn’t help with speed, but keeps me from tucking it in a drawer and forgetting it. If it’s all I’ve got with me to work on for four hours than it will get worked on. Or that’s the idea anyway. 🙂

The first Knit For Kids sweater was blue, the second was pink, after this green one I think it’ll be time to ship them off to find their way to their new homes. And guess what happens after that?! Yep! I get to pick a new charity to create projects for! Whoo hoo! So far all the projects I’ve done have been knitting. These sweaters and some scarves for Handmade Especially For You. Maybe this next project will be a sewing one…hmmm. Any recommendations for me?

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