NBA2K16 Game for iOS

Do you love the game of basketball? If you’re like me who loves to watch and play the hoops, then you will love this article’s scope.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the NBA2K16 Game for iOS mobile phones. As you may very well know, NBA is the most popular basketball franchise in the entire world.

There have been a lot of NBA games that was created over the course of the years and the NBA2K16 is the latest one to join the fray.

Before I talk more about this game, here are the core features of the NBA2K16 Game for iOS:

  • Full MyCAREER, Blacktop, and Season modes.
  • Improved graphics and game performance
  • New controls for smoother mobile gameplay
  • Earn and enjoy more Virtual Currency
  • Euroleague teams now available
  • NBA 2K Store offers equipment, courts, VC, updated content, and much more.
  • Physical Controller Support

The first thing we’re going to talk about the NBA2K16 Game for iOS mobile phones is the MyCareer mode. In the Mycareer mode, you’re going to choose a basketball superstar of your choosing.

You will control only this main character throughout the rest of the season. During the course of the season, you will earn achievements and awards as you progress towards the championship.

If you choose the season modes, you will be subjected to 82 games and 16 playoff games culminating in the finals to win the championships. The only difference with the MyCareer mode and the Season modes is that the latter allows you to play with the whole team as opposed to just a specific character that you can do on the former.

The graphics of the NBA2K16 Game for iOS mobile phones have also been vastly improved. It now takes advantage of the iPhone’s graphical and specs prowess and it really gives you an immersive and a highly aesthetic gaming experience.

Aside from the graphics, the onscreen controls have been optimized as well. Sometimes during the heat of the game, you might press buttons that you did not intend to. That was rectified in this version of the game. The controls are now spread a little bit apart to avoid that from happening. You do not want to shoot the ball when you intend to pass it, right?

During the course of the game, you will earn in-game currency to buy different stuff. The stuff I am referring to may be new superstars, new rosters, accessories, among others.

One major addition to the NBA2K16 Game for iOS mobile phones is the inclusion of the Euroleague. The Euroleague, much like the NBA, is Europe’s biggest Basketball franchise. There are many teams in the Euroleague and you can also choose then if you want to in this game.

And lastly, if you want to use a physical controller, that is supported as well. You may have to dish extra money to buy the gamepad, though, but it really is worth it.xD

The NBA2K16 Game for iOS mobile phones is a great hoops action game. This game costs $8 and can be downloaded on the Apple app store.