The Nintendo DS has been out for about seven years now and its successor, the Nintendo 3DS has proven very successful. However, with the backwards compatibility of the 3DS (and now the 2DS as well), many people may be considering looking back to the ever cheaper DS games rather than buy the new 3DS titles.

For this reason, as much as simply to inform used buyers of the DS, this article aims to take a look at a few of the better DS games.

1) Advance Wars: Dual Strike: If DS games are a throwback, then this game is a throwback to a throwback. Featuring the popular design elements of previous advance wars games on the Gameboy, Dual Strike is a tactical strategy game that puts the player in control of military forces and defenses. The AI in Advance Wars is notoriously vicious, although many of its players enjoy this aspect of the game.

2) Contact: This strange DS title puts you in the role of yourself, but not in a context you are likely to be familiar with. In the game, a professor manages to make contact with you, an interdimensional being that can see the professor through the DS. Your job is then to direct the professor’s assistant through numerous tasks and areas. The game is fairly hands off, but amusing, and unique.

3) Super Scribblenauts: If you do not have a good sense of spelling, you may be at a disadvantage with this title. On the bright side, Scribblenauts may help with that. What Scribblenauts offers is fairly unique. You, the player, can enter words and the game tries to interpret those words as objects. This allows you to enter things like “hat” and see a hat on the screen. The objects can interact with each other, and adjectives can be applied to words to change their features. This can lead to some surprising and interesting consequences. The game’s vocabulary is impressive, but not all words work.

4) The World Ends With You: This impressive Japanese Roleplaying Game became famous for taxing players to their limits. If the other three games in this article were fairly calm and laid back, The World Ends With You is the opposite. Requiring players to pay attention to multiple characters with separate control schemes simultaneously to succeed, The World Ends With You is a good game for players who need to fill involved and love a challenge. For players who can handle the difficulty, The World Ends With You offers an RPG set in a unique alternate reality of modern day Earth.

After the great success of the Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo decided to release another new portable game console to its arsenal, the Nintendo DS. nintendo ds console They have started a new book altogether as the DS no longer carries the GameBoy name. It has yet to start a legacy of its own and compete with its predecessor.

A first glance at the DS and we can see that it is slightly bigger and longer as compared with the SP. Portability will have to be in the form of bags as this portable game console would not fit on the average pocket. Its size is more or less the same as the old GameBoy Advance.

The DS comes with a dual-screen feature and sports a touch screen on one of the two screens. It is an exciting new feature to the Nintendo fans as they now have an increase in interactivity when playing a game. A stylus is included with the DS and it works superbly with the touch screen as well. The touch screen has the same accuracy if you compared it with a PDA so you need not worry whether it is buggy or not.

Currently, the DS has a huge range of games that it has to offer. From an action packed game to an easy paced game, you can get all of these with the Nintendo DS. Like the previous consoles, you will have to buy the cartridges for the games.

Graphics on the DS is certainly an improvement if you compare it with the GameBoy Advance. However, you may still find that the graphic of the DS quite mediocre as compared with Sony’s PSP. Surely, if you are planning to get a more graphically advanced portable game console, you would have known better than to choose the DS. Nonetheless, the DS is absolutely family friendly and has a friendlier array of games available as compared with the PSP. The female teenager in addition to children would find the DS an absolute fun due to its games.

Another feature that is available on the DS is its wireless connectivity. You are able to play with another DS user not with the cable, but with none, thanks to the Ad-Hoc feature. In addition to that, DS users can also chat with each other with the PictoChat application embedded with the DS. Highly convenient if you want to relay some message while not letting others knowing what is it about.

Battery life on this device is also one of the best that we’ve seen. The battery can last up to 10 hours with correct usage. Imagine 10 hours of games. You’d probably be tired before the battery dies. Very handy on long journeys where there isn’t much that you can do.

All in all, the DS is surely a steal for its retail price. In addition to that, it is one of the best portable devices available in the market as well and it is suitable for people of all ages. We highly recommend the DS for children as well as it has a large array of games for your child.

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