Using Pins – Earbud Zippy

I actually used this pin one other time & hated the results, so I didn’t count it till I used the idea again & decided it was great inspiration. It’s a Zippy Earbud Pouch. Here are my first hideous results…

What I did wrong was 1. improvised instead of reading directions, and 2. rushed and didn’t think it through. So, I used it a bit, it started falling apart, and I set it on my cutting table to remind myself to go back and try it again. And, I did. But with my own twist.

The HST BOM has got me thinking up things to put Half-Square Triangles on, so I decided I wanted a little HST pouch for my earbuds instead. I made some little 2.5 inch squares from scraps and turned them into 2 inch HSTs that I played around with to find a pattern I liked…a pinwheel?

Now that is an earbud pouch I can admire!
It also is not that much bigger than the little circle – only about 3/4 on an inch taller & wider. I used a little extra piece of zipper to make the loop which I kindof like & will do again in other projects. Yay!

OH! I also am using this pin to fancy up my plain black earbund to go in this little pouch. I used to do this wrap and knot technique for friendship bracelets in junior highschool so I just dumped out a bunch of embroider floss I thought I might like to use up and got to work. This one will take a little bit to wrap all the wire but it’s an easy something to do in front of the TV. I also didn’t get fussy with colors choices, but you could totally color coordinate your earbuds with their zippy or phone or purse. That’s another idea getting used – is anyone keeping track of this?!

I love all these easy Pinterest ideas that are crafty and cute!
On that note I’d like to let you know I’ll be MIA next week but will see you back here just before February is upon us!
Happy Pinterest-ing!

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