Where should you place your mobile booster?

There are several different mobile boosters available on the market. However, they are all similar, which is why these instructions on where you should place your mobile booster is suitable for almost any type of model. First, make sure that you find a sturdy surface where you can place the mobile booster on. For office use, it is recommended that the mobile booster are placed in the center of the room. This will provide access to almost the entire office area.

It is advised that the mobile booster be placed in an area that is central to the office such as a shelf in a cubicle, or on top of a file cabinet whichever is closest to the center of the office. Make sure that the surface on which you place the mobile booster is sturdy.

At Home

For the best results, it is recommended that you place the mobile booster in the area where you will be using your mobile device the most, preferably close to a window. While you will get a better signal throughout your home, for the best results you need to be as close to the mobile booster as possible. Also, it is advised that you place the mobile booster in an area where there are no obstruction in sight. We understand that it is not always possible to place your mobile booster close to the window; the good news is that you can still make use of the mobile booster and get the results that you hoped for. By placing the mobile booster close to the window, it only maximizes the level of boost.


The following questions are usually asked by most users when purchasing the device:

Q. Will my mobile booster work if I do not have any windows?

A. The mobile signal booster is designed to work in all areas, even those without windows.

Q. Will I be able to get a strong signal if I’m outside of my home with a mobile booster?

A. It all depends on the size of your home, the place where you mobile booster is placed and if there is any obstructions between yourself and where the mobile booster is placed.

Q. Will I be making a worthwhile investment when I purchase a mobile booster?

A. Yes!